Alex Chyrkin

Man with the camera,

canvas and oil paints

  • Dune Worm

    New added two framed painting with abstracted Worm From Dune Herbert's novel. Try to relax and defocus your sight, and perhaps you'll be able to see him. Please, follow this link to find a Worm at Saatchi Art.

  • Parents

    These are my parents. I love them very much and always wanted to draw them. A lot of time, energy and good mood invested in this painting. It is sure that this picture will bring you good luck. Please follow this link and you will find it in Saatchi Art.

  • Warrior is on the gallery

    This work is an illustration of one of many of my fairy tales, which I thought up for the children and which I told them before going to bed. This is the soldier who battles against the dragons attacking defenseless farmer settlements. Enjoy and keep this defender in your house or office - he will definitely guard you. Please, follow this link, to find Warrior.

  • Many works are added

    Hello, guys! Several dosens of works added to photo collection of my Saatchi Art. Check and enjoy. Also first proposition added to "Oil Painting" collection. It is my favorite one - Joker. I hope you'll like it. Price is not very cheap, but I think it is still reasonable. You can find everething here: Link to my collections -

  • Saatchiart

    Hello everyone! Well, I began to work with new gallery and I want to tell several words about it. Saatchi Art is an online gallery. It based in Los Angeles, California. Tha company was originally known as Saatchi Online. Gallery marketplace contains original paintings, photography, drawings and sculpture by approximately 65 000 artists from 100 countries worldwide. You can find my personal section there at: Alex Chyrkin Saatchi Art Personal Page Please pay attantion, that I have several collecti…

  • Start a website in test mode

    Hi, friends! First of all, I would like to apologize to you for the low level of my English - it is not my native language. But I'm regularly trying to inprove it and I hope not to shock you with my turns of speech and illiterate passages soon. Today this website begins to work. So far in the test mode and with the minimum set of information. I will fill it regularly. You welcome to monitor for updates. We will discuss issues of the photo and paintings together with you. I will show my works her…

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